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Office environment

Reasons to get Greener

Suggestions of ways to Save Money on energy bills

Install sensor lights that turn on when someone enters a space, these are infrared motion detectors for automatic lighting control, often used in meeting rooms.

Perimeter zones near windows can be controlled with light sensors, so they can be switched off when the external light is good

Lights on timers which will then switch on and off at required times, shutting off on weekends and at night.

Install energy saving lighting, T5 & high efficiency fluorescent lights.

Use task lighting which is better light for detail work, reducing the need for so much energy-hungry overhead lighting./p>

Use shading to reduce glare and heat from the sun.

Temperature controls can be put on reasonable limits for day to day use

Zoned energy controls to control low-usage areas separately

Incorporate signs that encourage your staff to turn off equipment and lights

Our fit out designers can maximise the use of natural daylight, use energy efficient technology which will use less energy, cut running costs and improve staff morale.

Promote  Recycling

With green issues getting higher on the social agenda, your staff will probably be used to recycling outside the workplace, therefore whilst working on the plans for your new fitout incorporate convenient recycling points, so paper could be reused for example, a potential to also save money.

Encourage the reduction of waste, recycling of materials and prevention of pollution

You can create a Healthier Workplace – improve air quality

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are substances that can be harmful to health. They include formaldehyde, which is in the top 10% of the most hazardous substances to human health. Yet it’s found all over many offices, in everything from fabric finishes and fire retardants, to gloss paints and insulation.

One simple suggestion - Office Plants as they are effective in removing or decreasing the concentration of these harmful chemicals that re-circulate through the air conditioning system. Research also revealed that plants can reduce noise because the leaf surfaces break up the sound waves, thereby reducing noise. It has also been proven that plants can reduce physical signs of stress.
 To hire plants for the workplace - Lease a Leaf

Acoustic comfort is another important area which effects staff productivity in their work environment; this can be easily addressed with the correct products.

Our interior designerscan choose numerous materials for your Fitout that don't emit high levels of carbon dioxide or volatile chemicals, but still address your staffs concerns andhelp improve their wellbeing in the workplace.

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