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Make good costs & obligations

CBD Projects carry out extensive make goods for building owners, tenants and property managers.

Tenant  Do you have a make good obligation to your landlord at the end of your lease?
CBD Projects can carry out a full make good schedule of your space, and provide a fully costed report prior to the end of your lease; you can then use this to act as either a base for you to negotiate with the building owner for a cash settlement or the level of the make good requirements. CBD Projects can then, if required carry out the make good on your behalf.

 Strip out and make good cost estimate $200 - $400.00 per sq metre.

Building Owner Do you have a tenant moving out, or do you just want to make good a floor or floors of your building to obtain better rents. Our works can involve the entire strip out of a building back to core ready for a new fit out, the soft strip out of partitions and tenant installed items and reinstating back to “open plan” as it was at the start of the lease, down to the quick “lick of paint” to tidy up space for short term lease. Please also see Dilapidation reports below.

Dilapidation Reports

CBD projects have been employed by many building owners and tenants to carry out dilapidation reports at both the start of the lease period and also at the end of the lease.

These works can involve:

  • Providing a report at the commencement of the lease on behalf of the building owner/tenant to provide a benchmark of the standard of the building and internal finishes, this allows the two parties to achieve a mutual agreement at the start of the tenancy rather than an argument at the end.
  • Providing a report at the completion of a lease to allow the landlord and tenant to agree on the amount of make good required according to the signed lease agreement. This report can be a priced schedule or just a schedule with work items that need to be carried out.
  • CBD Projects can also carry out the make good works on behalf of the landlord/tenant, this ensures that the make good has been carried out according to that particular buildings standards.

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