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Cosmetic Clinic Testimonial

 We are delighted to say CBD Projects exceeded our expectations,

our clinic looks even better than I had expected  

Dr. Kim

  • Consult, Treatment & Recovery rooms
  • Client: Pitt St Cosmetic Clinic www.pittstcosmetic.com.au
  • Location: 192 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • Project Manager: CBD Projects Australia
  • Interior Design: CBD Projects
  • Structural Engineer: VDM Consulting Engineers
  • Total Cost: $300,000.00
  • Time to Complete: 5 weeks on site, 4 weeks at council, 3 weeks in design
  • Total Floor Area: 158m2

Special Construction Requirements

This fitout was within a Heritage building which required the design to suit certain criteria, i.e. no walls were allowed to obscure the windows, no element of the fitout to be visible from outside.

We closely adhered to our clients specific requirements for all her specialist equipment.

The whole space was geared for technology, allowing the patients to access the explanation of their procedure & product requirements via ipads.

Specialist equipment installed for skin rejuvination & resurfacing, tatoo & birthmark removal.



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